MORLIFE Marine Collagen + C 200g

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Marine Collagen is said to have superior bioavailability than traditional Bovine Collagen due to its smaller peptide size, making absorption more efficient, and this formulation also contains Acerola Extract and Kakadu Plum providing a hit of Vitamin C to enhance and support collagen production.

Marine Collagen is Type I, however contributes to both type I & Type III Collagens within the body. You should expect to see smoother, plumper healthier skin with continued use in just over 4 weeks, the cycle of skin cell renewal.

We recommend you add 1 tbsp. (or 6g) into an acai bowl or your morning smoothie or afternoon shake. Add it to yoghurt or a Berry Chia Pudding, up to twice daily! Bear in mind that Vitamin C can be compromised if heated. Morlife Marine Collagen + C is conveniently unflavoured but will have a very mild fishy taste.

Morlife Marine Collagen C is safe to use during pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding. It is safe for children to consume as well.

Ingredients Include: Hydrolysed Marine Collagen Peptides (97%*), Acerola Extract, Australian Kakadu Plum, and may contain traces of milk solids, soy, tree nuts, crustacea or shellfish

33 Serves Per packet.