Eye of Horus - Bamboo Cleansing Cloth Gift Set

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This set of four organic bamboo fibre cleansing cloths goes hand in hand with our Eye of Horus Cosmetic Range. These 100% natural cloths are designed to allow ease of makeup removal and face washing, Simply add warm water or a natural oil such as coconut oil to your cloth and wipe away the days makeup. The tiny microfibers lift away makeup leaving eyes and skin fresh and clean. Regular exfoliation of the microfibers on skin helps to rejuvenate the skin and keep it clean. Unlike makeup wipes, these cloths are reusable over and over again meaning they are a perfect accessory or gift for the eco goddess.


Care Tips: The natural bamboo cloths are easy to clean with warm water and natural soap or simply wash with your other items in the washing machine.

The Organic Bamboo Cleansing Cloths were inspired by the need to collectively take action and clean up our act to save Mother Earth. Gone are the days of using reckless disposable makeup wipes and hello to these lifesaving beauties!