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EARTHS PURITIES Black Edge Charcoal Peel Off Mask

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This Activated Charcoal Peel Mask is the first natural charcoal peel off mask to be introduced to the market. Containing Australian Pink Clay, Australian Bentonite Clay and Australian Diatomaceous Earth along with the charcoal which also help to draw out toxins from the skin.

This box contains all the items you need to apply the mask each time, along with 10 mask sachets – 1 measuring cup, 1 applicator brush, 1 stirring stick and 1 instruction sheet.

This mask will remove dead skin and blackheads where applied and will also draw toxins to the surface of the skin.

Australian Certified Organic gelatin, activated charcoal (organic charcoal coconut shell), Australian Organic food grade bentonite clay, Australian pink clay, Australian food grade Diatomaceous Earth, Organic arrowroot
Made in Australia, Palm oil free, Certified Cruelty-Free.

How to use:

1. Wash and dry face to remove any oils from the skin.
2. Remove one 4g sachet, measuring cup, stirring stick and brush. Place a paper towel to avoid mess.
3. Pour hot water to 7.5ml on the measuring cup (TIP – can be easier taking from a cup with a tablespoon).
Open sachet and pour contents into measuring cup. Stir thoroughly to combine for 2 minutes until no lumps are present.
4. Use the brush to apply to forehead, nose area, and chin. Avoid the eyebrows and delicate eye area. Apply an even layer working briskly to avoid mixture drying and allow to dry for 12-20 minutes. Mask should not feel wet or tacky.
5. (TIP – move facial muscles just before peeling off) Start by gently lifting up the edges from each side and slowly peel off towards the middle of the face. For any remaining traces please wash the face or use a toner with facial wipe to remove any residue.
6. Clean brush with soap and water immediately after application.
7. Allow remaining formula to dry in the cup for 1 hour then it will be easy to remove in one piece in order to reuse cup for your next application