BODHI - CognitiviTEA Memory 70g

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A delightful energising tea blend of mint and green tea with a burst of citrus will inspire and invigorate the mind. The herbs in this delicious award winning tea positively effect cognition and brain function. They help improve memory and focus and assist with increasing mental clarity. This is the perfect tea for students to enhance their learning ability. CognitiviTEA received a silver Golden Leaf Award at the 2019 Australian Tea Expo.

Made with 100% certified organic Sencha green tea, gingko, turmeric, bacopa, peppermint, lemon peel and lemongrass.

ORIGIN: Sourced from organic tea farms in China, India, and Egypt.

TIP: Green tea should be brewed at around 80°C. Steeping tea for too long or using boiling water will result in more tannins being released, resulting in a bitter and more astringent tea. There are two ways to make sure your water is not too hot, either stop the kettle just before it boils, or pour boiling water into your tea cup or pot first to allow it to cool a little before adding your tea.