3RDPHIX Drink Bottle Teal

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The 3rdphix Fitness Bottle is the perfect everyday water bottle, supplement shaker, water infuser and smoothie cup.

We have designed a sophisticated shaker that is not only stylish and convenient, but is reusable and helps prevent people from buying single use plastic bottles.


What is the volume of liquid the 3RDPHIX bottle can hold?

The 3RDPHIX bottle can hold up to 22 fl oz (750ml).

What is the 3RDPHIX bottle made out of?

The bottles inner shell where the liquid is held is SAN plastic (BPA free) and has a round bottom so that protein powder does not get stuck in edges. The outter shell is PP plastic which is also BPA free. The bottle is designed and suitable for continual use.

Why did we choose plastic?

We put a lot of thought into this and although glass is great for the environment, it just was not durable enough to be used for multiple purposes. It is also a lot heavier and isn't ideal for an on-the-go product. The plastic we are using is completely non toxic and completely reusable.

Can you freeze your 3RDPHIX bottle?

No! Unfortunately due to the robust material used you cannot freeze the bottle. 

Do I need a whisk ball in order to shake up my protein and BCAA's?

No! Our shaker has been tested and designed so that a whisk ball isn't needed. A brisk shake is enough.