The Protein Pick

The Protein Pick

There are literally thousands of protein powders on the market. Whey proteins, vegan proteins, collagen proteins, fat burning proteins… the list goes on. Whilst this gives us an amazing selection, sometimes it makes it really hard to pick the one that will benefit us most, especially if you’re just starting out.

We thought we would help narrow down our top 3 store favourites, how they can benefit you in different ways and why we love them.


Happy Way

You’ve probably heard of Happy Way Protein. Nutrient dense and damn delicious. Packed full of fibre, i.e Psyllium husks, Chia seeds and Coconut flour for amazing digestive benefits. This is the perfect protein for a quick shake or taking your cooking to the next level!

If you love to cook up a healthy protein enriched storm… this is your go-to. We’re talking cookies, protein balls, smoothie bowls, slices and more. You can even get the kids involved…Win win. Not to mention it is also pregnancy safe. Double win!

Happy Way is filling making it the perfect morning starter or a meal replacement. If you love sweet, you will love Happy Way. Available in many different flavours as well as having whey (dairy) or vegan (non-dairy) options.


True Protein

Truly stepping things up. True protein really takes things to the next level. This protein is designed for muscle gain, performance, weight loss and toning. Perfect for athletes, body builders, lifters or those who are getting consistent with the different forms of fitness.

Paired with a well-rounded diet, True will assist with muscle recovery, energy boosting, muscle growth and burning fat. Offering 26 grams of protein per serving (30 grams) and less than 1% of carbs and sugar!

This protein is perfect for post workouts (we recommend WPI90 in any flavour or the Pro Define to support weight loss and fitness goals). All True products are gluten free and are available in whey and vegan options with some super yummy flavours. Also Keto friendly!


Tonika Protein

Busting out beauty moves. Tonika is a certified organic plant-based protein, infused with collagen boosting ingredients. Rich in Vitamin C, Silica, Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics. Tonika is the perfect protein for someone looking to boost their immune system as well as maintaining their skin and gut health.

Lightweight and perfect for sensitive tummies, Tonika is great as a post yoga shake or an afternoon smoothie. We love how tasty and easy on the stomach Tonika is. Not to mention it blends up so well.

Whilst Tonika is aimed at beauty from within, it packs in a decent punch of protein at 20.8 grams per serve. It is also low carb making it a keto friendly option! You can bust out a home workout whilst getting all the beauty benefits! We love it!


Three protein powders, all with amazing benefits. Remember you can always message, call or email us if you need information on any of our products. You are also welcome to come in store for advice also! 


Clean Team x