The Base Collective range has hit our shelves and we are so excited to share it with you!

🌸 MAGNESIUM OIL: increasing your magnesium levels is just a spray away! An easy + quick way to ACTUALLY build up your levels and absorb your magnesium (because unfortunately we don’t always absorb much through oral supplements). Perfect for when you want to target specific areas for extra love.

🌸 MAGNESIUM BATH SALTS: soak the day away in magnesium goodness. Perfect to help your body + mind unwind, especially when you have fatigued, sore muscles.

🌸 SLEEP SPRAY: a calming spray designed for little one’s (or big people who need sleep too). Containing relaxing lavender + chamomile, this spray was made to be sprayed onto your linen or pillow before slumber to help you relax and calm for a better night’s sleep.

🌸 MAGNESIUM + WHITE TEA BODY BALM: a rosehip based blend with the added goodness of magnesium, white tea + other skin loving ingredients like shea butter, aloe vera and cocoa butter. This body balm is not only helpful to increase your magnesium levels but it also great to help with any dry, irritated skin and for targeting sore, fatigued muscles.

🌸 MAGNESIUM + WHITE TEA WASH: cleanse + nourish your skin without the nasty chemicals! It’s pH balanced and gentle enough (even for the youngest of skin) with beautiful, skin loving ingredients such as sweet almond oil, avocado oil, rosehip + of course magnesium!

As you can see almost everything in the Base Collective range contains the master mineral, magnesium, and for good reason!

Did you know that it’s estimated that 60-80% of the population is deficient in magnesium?? This is not good news when magnesium can support you in one (or more) of the following ways:
⭐️ joint + muscle pain
⭐️ sleeplessness
⭐️ stress & anxiety
⭐️ muscle fatigue + recovery
⭐️ learning & memory
⭐️ regulate sugar levels & cravings
⭐️ period pain
⭐️ growing pains
⭐️ neck & shoulder tension
⭐️ leg cramps + restless legs (especially in pregnancy!)
⭐️ energy levels

We know you’re going to love these products.

Which are you most excited to try??