The 3 Musketeers

The 3 Musketeers.

Here at Clean Alternative we love Skin Juice, in particular their cleanser(s). Yes, there’s more than one. So, when choosing, which one is best suited to you? Let us help you.

#1 Drench

A nourishing oil cleanser, designed to remove make up and pore blockages, whilst balancing the skins natural oil flow. To rid of any dirt and grime this is our go-to. Also perfect for maintaining soft dewy skin.


Top tip: Use to remove make up by massaging into skin. Can be paired with other cleansers for a double cleanse!


Suitable for: Dry or ageing skin concerns.



#2 Berry Fresh

A unique oil/gel cleanser that relieves pore blockages and leaves skin feeling silky smooth. This cleanser works as an anti-inflammatory making it perfect for sensitive skin. The oil removes any make up and dirt whilst the gel refreshes and moisturises the skin, making it perfect for all skin types. A great everyday cleanser.  


Top Tip: Can’t decide on cleansers? This is the perfect inbetweener.


Suitable for: All skin types including sensitive skin



#3 Pulp Detox

One of our newbies! Perfect for acne prone skin and redness. Purifying clay helps to extract impurities and refine excess oil, while tiny beads of bamboo help to remove congestion without drying the skin out. Eucalyptus and lemon myrtle help to reduce breakouts and redness, leaving the skin smooth and fresh. We love it!


Top Tip: Leave on for 3 minute to allow clay to draw out impurities


Suitable for: Suitable for excessively oily skin types and acne prone skin.


What to choose:

#1 Make up removing, oil balancing, oil balancing

#2 Everyday cleanser, sensitive skin, oil/gel consistency

#3 Acne prone and oily skin, perfect for younger skin.


Three very different cleansers all with amazing benefits! We hope this helps you next time you’re on a lookout for cleansers!


All cleansers available online or in store. Free Shipping over $100