Pump Haircare – An Australian plant based haircare range made just for you. Each ingredient has been carefully researched with only the highest quality being used ❤️

Organic 🌿
Sulphate & paraben free 🌿
Cruelty free🌿
Environmentally conscious – all bottles are made by Australia’s first carbon neutral recycled plastics manufacturing facility and our packing products are biodegradable 🌎

Your summer haircare range is sorted with PUMP Haircare Line 😍

🔹Liquid Gold Growth Oil Treatment – a pre-shampoo hair treatment that you gently massage into dry hair from roots to ends and then leave in for a minimum of 20 minutes before rinsing out and washing your hair as usual. With ingredients such as Jamaican Black Castor oil, Argan oil, Brazil nut protein and Olive Oil to encourage hair growth.

🔹Squeaky clean shampoo – amazing for oily hair and to remove any product build up… think of it as a detox for your hair! 2-3 really good scrubs with this will leave your hair feeling super clean.

🔹Biogrow Serum – for those with visibly thinning hair. It employs unique technology allowing for a slow release of active ingredients, enabling them to remain stable in their free form. Scientific study participants reported denser looking hair! Apply to the hair line once per day and above the crown area and anywhere on the scalp where the hair feels thinner.

🔹Bondi Babe Sea Salt Spray – A mineral-rich formula to help add volume with a natural matte, effortless finish. A refreshing spray that takes your hair to Bondi beach for loose hair waves making you look like a total surf chic!

🔹300 Heat Protection – Don’t let your straightening iron, curling wand or blow dryer ruin your hair anymore! This product is a must have to create heat protection for up to 300 degrees. It also adds to style enhancement if you apply over dry hair.

‘Life’s not perfect, but your hair can be.’ Tash – PUMP Haircare 💁‍♀️