If you saw our previous post about perfume vs. ‘pure’-fume (scroll down to have a read), we promised we’d give you our top picks for ‘pure-fume for women, so here we are..

You can dilute these and put them in a roller bottle or spritzer to use like perfume, or of course purchase one of our beautiful lava bead bracelets for your own personal diffuser jewellery.

OILS FOR WOMEN (from an emotional perspective):

🌸 GERANIUM: calming when we feel agitated, and in times of stress, Geranium is the oil of ‘love and trust’, helping to soften our anger, foster trust and instill unconditional love of ourselves and others.

🌸 ROSE: the Queen of essential oils, the oil of ‘unconditional love’ reminds us to love both ourselves and others unconditionally. Rose is also a natural aphrodisiac as well as being emotionally uplifting and supportive.

🌸 JASMINE: intensely floral, musky and exotic, Jasmine is an uplifting, sensual and balancing essential oil that encourages positive relationships and connections.

🌸 NEROLI: incredibly calming and harmonising, Neroli is supportive in times of stress and anxious feelings, helping you to relax a little easier as well as encouraging courage, confidence, peace and sensuality.

🌸 BERGAMOT: with a sweet, bright, yet fruity and citrusy aroma, Bergamot is unique (among citrus) in its ability to be both uplifting, yet calming, making it perfect to support sad and anxious feelings. 
Known as the oil of ‘Self Acceptance’, Bergamot can help increase feelings self worth, encouraging you to love and accept yourself as you are

💗 Whisper (feminine blend) – musky, sweet, sensual
💗 Lavender Peace (calming blend) – floral, herbal, sweet, calming
💗 Passion (inspiring blend) – warm, spicy, exotic, inspiring, passionate

Which one are you feeling drawn to?