This is for the woman dreaming of getting a facial but can’t manage to even get more than 10 minutes to herself.. 😒

It’s also for the woman who is looking for a CLINICAL STRENGTH facial treatment, this isn’t your everyday face mask, it’s powerful and does exactly what it promises.. 🤩


Designed to give you instant results in the comfort of your own home, Meekahas created this mask using powerful and active pure fruit extracts to help remove dead skin & brighten your complexion.

🍍 Provides you with a glowing, dewy, hydrated complexion
🍍 A non-abrasive formula but still effectively removes dead skin 
🍍 Clinical strength & immediate results without having to leave the house!
🍍 100% natural

🍏 PAPAYA FRUIT EXTRACT: the enzymes & properties help to clear blemishes and pigmentation as well as lightening and softening the skin + dissolving inactive proteins and dead skin cells

🍏 ALOE VERA: nutrient dense Aloe helps to soothe the skin + contains antioxidant properties that help to promote the skin to heal quicker + acts as a protective layer on the skin to help replenish moisture

🍏 PINEAPPLE: Bromelain (an enzyme in Pineapple) softens skin & has been used for hundreds of years to fight inflammation & swelling. When on the skin it can help increase collagen (hello youthful skin) as well as encouraging cell & tissue repair

🍏 APPLE: packed with powerful polyphenols & antioxidants, apple provides anti-aging effects + antioxidant protection for healthier & younger skin

🍏 LACTIC ACID: a vegan, fruit derived acid (much gentler compared to most other actives) helps to stimulate cell turnover, reduce pigmentation & brighten your skin. This acid is also known to help scars, wrinkles, acne, balancing oily skin + hydration & tone to keep the skin supple + smooth

So how amazing does that sound? 😍

And the best bit is, it only takes 5 minutes! And can be used 1-2 times a week. 🙌

Your skin will thank you and you’ll be looking like you just stepped out from the day-spa. 💆‍♀️
Win. Win.