So you know why you want to switch to natural products (if you don’t scroll down to the last post) but you’re feeling a little overwhelmed and unsure about where to start? 😕

Well we are going to make it simple for you and we’ve even got you a new mantra..

‘One change at a time’ 🙌

It’s not as overwhelming as going cold turkey! 
And small habits add up over time. Future you is thanking you for that one change you made today! 😍

We recommend a deodorant.
It’s time to change your stinkin’ thinkin’ and understand that sweat is your friend, but you don’t have to stink! Conventional antiperspirant deodorants are only effective at blocking about 20% of your sweating, so the other 80% is still going to smell. Those deodorants have also been blocking your pores and stopping your body from doing it’s usual thing; sweating!

Still need convincing?
🌼We absorb 100% of the ingredients put on our underarms
🌼To give your body a break – it’s one less toxic burden in an important place 
🌼Your underarms are like an ‘‘exit ramp’ for toxic buildup, and here we are slathering on toxic ingredients like aluminium and parabens straight onto the area that is designed to filter and assist our body in expelling these kind of toxic ingredients
🌼You apply deodorant daily (sometimes multiple times), so it’s an opportunity to make a big impact, your body will love you for making the change today!

Okay so you’re committed, but WHICH DEODORANT?
All our deodorants keep you feeling fresh, dry and odour free, while letting your skin breathe naturally. They are ALL 100% natural, vegan, cruelty free + FREE of aluminium, parabens, sulphates and the other usual toxic suspects 🌿🌱
++ giving you the bicarb free option if you have sensitive skin!

We stock varying strengths of pastes for sensitivities + we love pastes because = no leaking in your handbag! Just follow the PPP rule (pea size amount per pit) rub the paste in until it disappears into your skin. We’ve got the brands; No Pong, Meeka, Black Chicken + Woohoo in our paste range.
The classic roll-on will never go out of style, and we’ve got two natural brands that give you plenty of options no matter what aroma you prefer in a deodorant! We’ve got EcoTan (unisex coconut deodorant) and a wide range of aromas in the Kindly brand.

We’ve got testers of all of these in store, so come on in and have a sniff and a chat, and we’ll help you find the perfect deodorant to make the switch! 🤩