Essential oil lovers rejoice 😍

We are so excited to be stocking the incredibly high quality, and beautiful Viva La Franki lava bead bracelets.

If you’re unaware, lava bead bracelets are made from porous volcanic lava rock, which means you can add your favourite essential oils and have your own personal diffuser on your arm for up to 6 hours.

It’s so easy and simple to use, the hardest part will be choosing which bracelet you prefer and which essential oils to go on them 🙊

Our top oil picks are:
❇️ BALANCE: Sweet, fresh and airy, Balance ‘Grounding’ blend, is a go-to when you feel scattered, like your brain is 10000 steps ahead all the time, and that you struggle to stay in the present moment often feeling overwhelmed, stressed or even anxious.
Balance promotes calm, relaxation, presence and stability, helping you to feel more grounded and ‘here’.

❇️ ELEVATION: Floral with sweet, citrusy vibes, Elevation is truly like sunshine-in-a-bottle! It is known as the ‘joyful’ blend because it helps to stabilise our mood whilst uplifting our spirit.
It helps to encourage feelings of optimism, confidence, joy, energy, and happiness when you’re feeling low, and pessimistic.

❇️ IN-TUNE: The musky, spicy yet earthy aroma of this blend helps to encourage better focus when you are struggling to concentrate and stay on task!
Whether you’re overwhelmed emotionally and need some support to get on with your everyday tasks, or you’re studying and finding it hard to stay alert and don’t want to use harsh stimulants and caffeine this is your blend. Prepare to have better clarity, presence and that you’ll feel more uplifted whilst using In Tune.

❇️ PEACE: A sweet, rich and minty aroma that will leave you feeling reassured in times of fear and overwhelm.
If you are feeling stressed, fearful or anxious then the ‘reassuring’ blend will help to promote feelings of calm, peace, reassurance, and content.

We know you’re going to adore these bracelets as much as we do, but which are you going to choose, the tie-up or the simplicity?