ISO: Clean Alternative Edition

Iso: Clean Alternative Edition

Living it up in iso? We came up with some options to keep you busy whilst you’re stranded at home!


Yoga & Fitness

Whilst we are stuck at home, it’s important to keep the body moving and flowing. There are millions of YouTube videos to follow along with as well as paid video sessions with instructors. There are also a lot of local instructors doing online lessons to. Whether you want to do a stretch, cardio session or even yoga, there is something for everyone at any level.

Want to spruce up your home workout? We recommend our New Yin Yoga Mats. Perfect for any exercise session, the beautiful Yin mats are luxurious to the touch and make working out fun. These gorgeous mats are also easy to clean and will last forever!



When’s the last time you sat down and read a full book or finished reading the magazines you bought?  It’s been a while hey. Reading is a great way to put down the technology for a while but it’s also therapeutic. There are so many different books to read and learn from.

Some websites to get books from are Booktopia & Book Depository. Or if you’re local to Albury; Pour Mes Amis sell some really beautiful books. Of course, we also well Wellbeing mags, yoga mags and some astrology books to. All available instore or online.



If you’re not one to cook, now is the time! There are so many amazing recipes out there to try and it’s a great way to get the kids involved to. Whether you want to try simple things like protein balls or amp up your cooking game. You can YouTube recipes, google recipes and there are also plenty of books out there to. Another great places to find free recipes are on Nutra Organics website, We are loving their recipes at the moment! Make sure you check out our website for some fun food options or for your essentials. We have a range of gluten free and vegan options to.



It’s time for some selfcare. Have a bubble bath, do a face or hair mask. Take the time to use your skincare, in our busy lifestyles we forget all about selfcare and its so important!

Our selfcare favourites include:

Pump Curl & Grow Hair Mask

Sumer Salt Body Mediterranean Chocolate Clay Face Mask

Sienna Nail Polish

Eco Tan Cacao Tanning Mousse


Start a new hobby. Whether it be art, photography, blogging,

Gardening etc. The options are endless. Now’s the time to step outside

of your comfort zone and try something new!



Clean your house! Get rid of old clothes, clean out the pantry or wardrobe, rearrange the house. Take it a step further by repainting the house or a desired room. Clean the windows or even get outside and clean up the garden. Plant new flowers or start a veggie garden. Create a nice space.


We hope you enjoy these ideas and let us know if you use any of them? Oh and make sure you check us out on Instagram. We will be hosting a giveaway at 2000 followers! @clean_alternative_co