True Protein 💙 aligns with our love for real, natural ingredients with genuine health benefits.

Here’s a little sneak peak at what we have in store so far 😍

🌿 WPI90: 
🔹grass fed whey protein isolate
🔹high in protein + less than 1% carbs and sugar
🔹supports lean muscle development & weight management
🔹muscle recovery, energy boosting & fat burning

🔹high protein, low carb, low sugar
🔹promotes fat loss & muscle recovery
🔹a blend of grass fed whey protein concentrate, isolate and milk concentrate 
🔹GREEN TEA (antioxidant rich + supports weight loss)
🔹COCONUT WATER (boosts metabolism + nutritionally dense)
🔹L-CARNITINE turns the fat your body has stored into energy

🔹a nutritionally rich protein snack (and a healthier alternative to cake!)
🔹contains over 23 grams of protein per serve
🔹low in fat & sugar
🔹contains a blend of protein & organic oat flour

🔹stimulant & caffeine free! (no crash)
🔹works synergistically to enhance energy levels + increases alertness
🔹contains effective amino acids 
🔹optimises performance, stamina & the intensity of your workout
🔹each serve is correctly dosed in each ingredient (based on scientific and industry leading research)

🔹organic, nutrient dense, plant, superfood
🔹native to the Himalayas in India
🔹antioxidant rich + abundant in magnesium, iron + vitamins A, B & C
🔹cholesterol and stress-lowering effects

🔹organic & sourced from India
🔹powerful antioxidant profile 
🔹abundant in zinc, calcium, manganese, magnesium & potassium
🔹known to elevate mood and to have antidepressant effects
🔹a natural flavour to add to cooking and drinks

Watch this space as we build up more of the range in store, but which product are you most excited to try first?? 🤩