What a difference we can make when we start our natural journey early! Here are our top sellers in store for Mama’s and Bubba’s:

🌿 FRANJOS: Healthy, whole food biscuits that are created especially for pregnant and breastfeeding Mama’s!
Whether you’re wanting to help boost your milk supply, or you’re pregnant and needing tummy support Franjos have delicious biscuits that tick all the boxes without the usual suspects like additives, preservatives and refined sugars.

For those who choose to use a dummy or a teether, we have a natural option!
Made from natural rubber (sustainably crafted from the sap of a Hevea Brasiliensis tree), these soothers are not only a better option for the environment but it means you are avoiding BPA, chemical softeners, parabens, PVC, phthalates, artificial colours and other toxic and allergy-causing substances.
Available in various sizes and styles to suit your baby’s age and needs

🌿 ITCHY BABY CO: Natural bath soaks, moisturising creams, scalp oils etc that were especially formulated for babies with dry, sensitive skin!

Perfect for a little one who is suffering from eczema, psoriasis, etc as these products offer your little one hydration, protection and nourishment for their skin, which is good news for parents watching their Bub suffer from skin woes.

🌿 MAMA BODY TEA: Finding it hard to find good quality teas that you know are safe for pregnancy & breastfeeding? Mama Body Tea has you sorted!
All of their teas are organic and caffeine free, created for Mama’s, whether you are pregnant, breastfeeding or preparing your body to fall pregnant!
They have a wide range of teas including; raspberry leaf, morning wellness, tummy, pregnancy, mama’s milk, fertility, and baby bliss (helps Bub’s tummy through your milk!).

🌿 ESSENTIAL OILS: When used safely essential oils offer us a natural option to support both Mum and Bub. We always recommend using a high quality essential oil which is why we stock doTERRA and always say “when in doubt, get your diffuser out” especially when it comes to little ones!

🌸 CITRUS: uplifting and great for mood but also Lemon and Orange can be gentle on tummies encouraging healthy digestion
🌸 LAVENDER: calm, rest, sleep, say no more?

How amazing is it that we have so many natural options to support us??

What are your go-to’s for yourself (if you’re a Mum) or for Bub? 💜