Aunt Flow, That-Time-Of-The-Month, your ‘bleed’, whatever your call it, each month if you’re suffering through your period we’ve got the top oils to help!

Don’t let the nickname of ‘monthly blend’ confuse you as it’s for women of any stage hormonally (puberty – menopause)

Top uses/benefits include:
🌸 Calming and balancing to the emotions (roll on as soon as you’re feeling them rise!)
🌸 Cooling to the skin in times of heat
🌸 Regulating and balancing for your cycle (apply to abdomen, wrists or bottom of the feet regularly)
🌸 Soothing and relieving for the abdomen when tense

DISCOMFORT / PAIN RELIEF: apply any of these with a carrier oil and apply to area in need of relief
🌿 Frankincense
🌿 Copaiba 
🌿 Ice Blue (soothing blend)

Often many of us get a little more overwhelmed, stressed, anxious or even prone to feeling low during our period: 
💗 Elevation (joyful blend) – like sunshine in a bottle but mood stabilising while uplifting
💗 Clary Calm – balancing for the emotions
💗 Frankincense – calming and soothing
💗 Lavender Peace (calming blend) – calming, encourages understanding, patience + love
💗 Balance (grounding blend) – stabilising + grounding, perfect for someone who has trouble staying present
💗 Console (comforting blend) – calming, reassuring

Have you used oils for support during your period?

Which do you love to rely on?

(We sell doTERRA oils instore only – come in and chat to us about them and how they can help you)