April Favourites

April Favourites


We’re bringing back our monthly favourites blog! Each month we will share our store favourites; from skincare, cosmetics, supplements, food and more! Time for our April Favourites!


1. Switch Protein

This one is only a newbie for us! This organic vegan sprouted protein has a taste like no other. Normally with plant-based proteins we expect a little bit of texture… but not with Switch. This creamy, smooth and easy to digest formula is to die for. With three flavours; Peanut butter toffee, salted choc & vanilla bean. We are still tossing up between the peanut butter & salted choc as the favourite flavour. They are amazing.

 We love that this protein is dairy free, so it’s nice and gentle on the stomach but still has the ultimate taste of a whey-based protein. Packed full of amino acids, fibre and essential oils to keep the body in top shape. We also love that they’ve added VELOSITOL for a more powerful absorption rate.

2. Locako Creamer

A no brainer for us, this has been a store favourite for quite some time. Perfect in a coffee, smoothie or water, the Locako Creamer is loaded with collagen and MCT oil. We love the Locako creamer not only for the taste but also the amazing benefits:

  • Supports Ketone production
  • Fuels the brain
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Assists with weight loss
  • Reduces stored body fat
  • Natural appetite suppression
  • Thermogenic affect
  • Supports gut health
  • Improves skin and nails
  • Increased skin hydration
  • Anti-aging
  • Bone and joint health support!

Need we say more? We love this in the morning with a coffee or in an afternoon  smoothie. It’s keto friendly (Low Carb), Paleo, Gluten Free and is sweetened with monk fruit. Yum!

3. Doterra Lavender Peace

We have always loved our essential oils, but in particular we’ve been loving the Doterra Lavender Peace blend. This calming and very relaxing blend is great before bed or during the day when feeling a little on edge. We love to pop a few drops into the diffuser, in a bath or a light dab onto the pillow before bed. This oil is a great one for the kids to. If you’re new to oils this is great staple blend to keep in mind. 

4. ATP Gutright

This is a hidden gem for sure. As a fairly new product to us we decided to give it a go. Keeping our gut healthy is so important, it is basically the epicentre to our entire body. Gutright is designed to feed good bacteria and kill the bad stuff, very similar to a pre/probiotic. Their unique blend has been doing wonders especially assisting with bloating and digestive issue’s, which we are LOVING. Taken consistently everyday this product really is a must have formula especially if you struggle with digestive problems or immunity issues. Ten out of ten from the Clean Team!


5. Sienna Nail Polish

We finally have time to paint our nails! Which is why we’ve been in love with Sienna this month! These Vegan, Australian made nail polishes are not only ethically made but are free of the typical chemicals found in nail polish. With amazing colours to choose from, you’ll never get bored of the Sienna experience. Keep an eye out on Instagram for an at home DIY manicure using Sienna! Coming soon.


We hope you enjoyed our (late) April Favourites, If you have any store favourites make sure to take a photo and tag us on Instagram so we can share!