We’ve got the secret for long wearing lips! These Artistry Lip Liners by Eye of Horus Cosmetics doubles as both a long wearing liner or an individual lip colour when worn on it's own. 🙌 When applied all over the lips the Artistry Liner becomes a long wearing, creamy lip colour but used as liner [...]


We don’t mean to brag, but we think we’ve found you the easiest supplement you’ll ever take 🙊 Collagen Body by Nutra Organics is flavourless & odourless + fully dissolvable in both hot and cold liquid (all whilst maintaining its benefits) This supplement means you can kiss goodbye trying to get down a funky tasting powder, with Collagen [...]


Run down? Fatigued? Always sick? Stressed? If you’re nodding away at your screen, we’ve got you sorted.. 🤩 Firstly, fill in the gaps nutritionally where you may be missing some vitamins and minerals using the Fusion Health, Men’s Multi Advanced. Of course, do as much as you can through diet, but use this product to complement it because try [...]


Don't be fooled into thinking that face masks are too feminine, men have skin too 🤦‍♂️ Charcoal works like a magnet to draw out dirt, toxins and impurities from the skin, which is perfect for those who find their pores get clogged easily! Containing activated charcoal, witch hazel, bentonite clay & aloe vera it's an easy [...]


One of our most cost-effective products is definately the 4 acne soap! 🙌 It's super popular because..🔸 also serves as a body wash (and if you're like some possibly a shampoo too?) 🔸 it's a pure plant based soap🔸 contains Manuka honey for anti-bacterial & skin healing🔸 added Colloidal Silver for it's anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory & skin healing benefits Have you tried it [...]


Sanctum Skincare have ticked all the boxes:🌿 all natural🌿 low-cost🌿 easy to use🌿 effective 💦 2IN1 - SHAMPOO & WASH: Woody scented soap-free hair and body cleanser. The minimum fuss shower wash is gentle enough to use daily and foams up with water 💦 FACIAL WASH: Pump-action foaming facial wash to remove dirt and oil from men’s deep pores, whilst providing anti-inflammatory and antiseptic attributes [...]

Most Popular Buy Right Now!

Interested to know what everyone is buying? COLLAGEN BEAUTY by Nutra Organics This is a top seller for us and it's because it works and it's by far the easiest product to use 😍 It's flavourless & odourless, dissolving fully in hot or cold liquid whilst maintaining all it's benefits 🙌So no more masking yucky flavours or textures, [...]


If you saw our previous post about perfume vs. 'pure'-fume (scroll down to have a read), we promised we'd give you our top picks for 'pure-fume for women, so here we are.. You can dilute these and put them in a roller bottle or spritzer to use like perfume, or of course purchase one of [...]


Women, we couldn’t celebrate you this month without addressing this one.. PERFUME:Perfume is now being nicknamed the new second hand smoke 😟 It’s a little known culprit for those headaches, migraines, allergies and even hormonal and thyroid issues you might be having. How? Why? 🤷‍♀️ Well it’s because of their synthetic + artificial nature! They are man-made-in-a-lab [...]


Whether it’s waking up and drinking warm lemon water, a daily dose of your fav superfood or 5 minutes of mindful breathing, these little rituals you create in your life may seem small, but they have the opportunity to make a big impact long-term on your health + wellbeing. A ritual that we love to [...]

Bow chicka wow wow.. ❤️

We warned you that nothing was off limits this month 😉 Whether it’s getting in the mood, achieving orgasm, or you're looking for a natural lubricant option, we’ve got some products for you to try; 🌹 INTIMACY BLEND: A blend of Ylang Ylang, Neroli + Jasmine essential oils that smell so good you’ll want them to be your [...]


Fusion Health are experts in merging ancient Chinese wisdom and herbalism with the scientific validation of modern medicine, and in the spirit of celebrating women this month, here are two of our favourite supplements to support Women: ⭐️ HAIR, SKIN + NAILS: with the combination of Silica + nutrients like Zinc, Vitamin C and Phytofol® this supplement [...]


Aunt Flow, That-Time-Of-The-Month, your 'bleed', whatever your call it, each month if you’re suffering through your period we've got the top oils to help! EVERYTHING SUPPORT = 💜 CLARY CALM 💜Don't let the nickname of 'monthly blend' confuse you as it's for women of any stage hormonally (puberty - menopause) Top uses/benefits include:🌸 Calming and balancing to the emotions [...]


Are you sick of buying disposable pads and tampons?The reusable, zero waste Juju Cup might just be the perfect option for you! A Juju is a reusable, soft, hypoallergenic, silicone cup that collects menstrual flow. HOW DOES IT WORK? 🤔Folded and inserted, like a tampon, it then opens, creates a seal and collects menstrual flow.When full, [...]

GIRL TALK // natural hormonal support!

Whether it be puberty, during your period or menopause, knowing you have natural tools under your belt to support you through it all is comforting and we thought we would share with you some (possibly hidden) gems that you may not know about! Integrating Chinese Herbalism with the scientific validation of modern medicine, Fusion Health have created [...]


So you know why you want to switch to natural products (if you don’t scroll down to the last post) but you’re feeling a little overwhelmed and unsure about where to start? 😕 Well we are going to make it simple for you and we’ve even got you a new mantra.. ‘One change at a time’ 🙌 [...]


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed the growing trend for natural products, but why? Take a moment to think about how many products you have used on your body before you even walked out the door? Soap/wash? Facial/skincare products? Deodorant? Toothpaste? Feminine hygiene products? Make-up? Perfume? Adds up quickly hey? 😯 As [...]

Meeka Mask

This is for the woman dreaming of getting a facial but can’t manage to even get more than 10 minutes to herself.. 😒 It's also for the woman who is looking for a CLINICAL STRENGTH facial treatment, this isn't your everyday face mask, it’s powerful and does exactly what it promises.. 🤩 FRUIT ENZYME PEEL MASK 🍍🍏 Designed [...]

Introducing True Protein

True Protein 💙 aligns with our love for real, natural ingredients with genuine health benefits. Here's a little sneak peak at what we have in store so far 😍 🌿 WPI90: 🔹grass fed whey protein isolate🔹high in protein + less than 1% carbs and sugar🔹supports lean muscle development & weight management🔹muscle recovery, energy boosting & fat burning 🌿 PRO DEFINE [...]


You may know Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics for their extensive and beautiful range of make-up, but what you may not realise is that they also make incredible skincare products too, to make sure your skin is loved-up! With a philosophy to help women feel healthy and beautiful in mind, they have created botanical skincare products with respect [...]


Have you been wanting to make the switch but you’re scared you’ll stink? 🙀 This might help.. Conventional antiperspirant deodorants are only effective at blocking about 20% of your sweating, so the other 80% is still going to smell! 😬 Your armpits are kind of like an ‘exit ramp’ for toxic buildup, and here we [...]


What a difference we can make when we start our natural journey early! Here are our top sellers in store for Mama’s and Bubba’s: 🌿 FRANJOS: Healthy, whole food biscuits that are created especially for pregnant and breastfeeding Mama’s!Whether you’re wanting to help boost your milk supply, or you’re pregnant and needing tummy support Franjos have [...]

Healthy Kids

We all want our kids to be as healthy as they can, and for many of us that means opting to use natural where possible to help nourish and nurture their growing + developing bodies. Here are our favourite products in store for kids:🌼 Nutra Organics BERRY CHOC CHUNK POWDER:Add to smoothies, milk (hot or cold), yoghurt, [...]


With 40 million single use plastic water bottles being dumped per day, (yep you read that right, PER DAY! 😳😟 3rdphix are on a mission to reduce that, in style. No more drinking from boring protein shakers that only leave bits of powder stuck in the edges 👎 3rdPHIX gives you a sleek and stylish shaker that prevents powder [...]

Summer Hair Care

Pump Haircare - An Australian plant based haircare range made just for you. Each ingredient has been carefully researched with only the highest quality being used ❤️ Organic 🌿 Sulphate & paraben free 🌿 Cruelty free🌿 Environmentally conscious - all bottles are made by Australia's first carbon neutral recycled plastics manufacturing facility and our packing products are biodegradable 🌎 [...]

Protein Ball Mixes

You had me at 'no blender required'.. 😍🙊 Do you love bliss balls but cringe at the thought of having to make them? There is nothing worse than spending all that money on the nutrient dense, whole food ingredients only for them to fall apart (or worse they taste like crap💩)! The Fit Foodie has perfected the [...]

Lava Beads

Essential oil lovers rejoice 😍 We are so excited to be stocking the incredibly high quality, and beautiful Kaya Jewellery lava bead bracelets. If you're unaware, Marlowe makes each piece of jewellery with intention and love, from high quality, porous volcanic lava rock, which means you can add your favourite essential oils and have your own personal diffuser [...]


A new range here at Clean Alternative that shares our love for products that celebrate the power of pure, wholesome and unadulterated ingredients. The Healthy Chef brings us a range of functional foods and healthy cookbooks that we know you’re going to love and here’s why: 🌱 PURE NATIVE WHEY PROTEIN: A premium grade whey protein isolate [...]

Summer Salt Body Skin Care

Introducing the latest products from Summer Salt Body to hit our shelves. If you’re not familiar yet with Summer Salt Body products this is why we love their products and it sums up what they are all about: "We believe that beauty rests within nature so all of our products are formulated using raw plant based ingredients [...]


SCRUBS! A much loved skincare go-to in summer for smooth skin. We love Summer Salt Body scrubs to polish and exfoliate away dead skin, as well as hydrating + moisturising (thanks to nourishing jojoba + coconut oil) to give our skin a radiant glow 🤩 ⭐️ PEPPERMINT + ORANGE: Whether you've got tired, sore muscles or dry, cracked heels [...]

Carob Powder

Carob powder… have you ever heard of it? Carob comes from the pod of a tree with the same name, native to the Mediterranean. The ripe pods contain a sweet pulp that is dried, roasted and then ground into a powder - which we know as carob. It has high levels of vitamins such as [...]

The Base Collective

The Base Collective range has hit our shelves and we are so excited to share it with you! 🌸 MAGNESIUM OIL: increasing your magnesium levels is just a spray away! An easy + quick way to ACTUALLY build up your levels and absorb your magnesium (because unfortunately we don't always absorb much through oral supplements). Perfect for [...]