Bow chicka wow wow.. ❤️

We warned you that nothing was off limits this month 😉

Whether it’s getting in the mood, achieving orgasm, or you’re looking for a natural lubricant option, we’ve got some products for you to try;

A blend of Ylang Ylang, Neroli + Jasmine essential oils that smell so good you’ll want them to be your new no-tox perfume!

But don’t let it fool you in thinking it’s just a pretty aroma.. 🌸

This combination has been known to help you to not only get in the mood (both mentally and physically) but to support your body in achieving orgasm, too 🙊

Yep it’s a big call but it hasn’t let us down yet, and it’s been tried numerous times..

But because we’re all individuals, we may need to find our own magic combo) so here are some other oils to experiment with in the doTERRA range:
❤️ Passion (inspiring blend)
❤️ Whisper (feminine blend)
❤️ Rose 
❤️ Geranium

HOW TO USE: Apply one (or more) of the above oils diluted in fractionated coconut oil to the wrists, stomach and behind the ears at least 5 mins before you need their support, take a big inhale of their heavenly scent and let them work their sensual magic on you.

+ you could also diffuse the oils as well to create a sensual atmosphere

🌹 NATURAL LUBRICANT: for those who would like a no-tox alternative to conventional lube..
🌸 smooth, sensual, water soluble lubricant
🌸 created using only edible, certified organic ingredients
🌸 lubricates, moisturises, nourishes + hydrates 
🌸 soothes irritation
🌸 pH balanced
🌸 condom & toy compatible
🌸 non-staining, no mess, no marks

So don’t be embarrassed or shy to come in and talk about these products, we’re all human here and it’s a normal and natural part of our lives!

We hope we’ve opened you up to another natural, low-tox alternative for your home.

(We sell doTERRA oils instore only – come in and chat to us about them and how they can help you)