Have you been wanting to make the switch but you’re scared you’ll stink? 🙀

This might help..

Conventional antiperspirant deodorants are only effective at blocking about 20% of your sweating, so the other 80% is still going to smell! 😬

Your armpits are kind of like an ‘exit ramp’ for toxic buildup, and here we are slathering on toxic ingredients like aluminium and parabens straight onto the area that is meant to be filtering and helping our body to rid us of these kind of substances (oh the irony!), so we have a lot of making up to do to our lymph nodes. 🙏

The first step in making the switch = CHANGE YOUR STINKIN’ THINKIN’ 👋

Yep, before you do anything you need to build a strong mindset around it, and to know you need to be patient with your body while making the switch and filtering through the toxins.

Understand that sweating is normal, and that lathering those toxic ingredients onto our armpits long-term cannot be good for us at all! 🙅‍♀️
And then the next step of course is to pick your deodorant, which Woohoo have made really easy, they even have his table which helps you to work out ‘which woohoo are you?’

Each of their deodorants are a creamy paste that has odour absorbing ingredients, varying in strength and sensitivity depending on your needs. They are so easy to use, it’s as simple as spreading onto your pits using a spatula or finger from their tins using the PPP rule (pea size amount per pit), rubbing in until the paste disappears into your skin.

Easy! 🙌

So, which woohoo are you?