A new range here at Clean Alternative that shares our love for products that celebrate the power of pure, wholesome and unadulterated ingredients.

The Healthy Chef brings us a range of functional foods and healthy cookbooks that we know you’re going to love and here’s why:

🌱 PURE NATIVE WHEY PROTEIN: A premium grade whey protein isolate made from 100% grass-fed cows + FREE of any fillers, artificial sweeteners, chemicals and preservatives, giving your body an opportunity to digest the protein efficiently and effectively!
(Comes in a natural or vanilla flavour)

🌱 ORGANIC PEA PROTEIN: With a high amount of complete plant-based protein, low carb content and FREE of any fillers, artificial sweeteners, chemicals and preservatives, the Organic Pea Protein gives you a protein suitable for the whole family as well as being friendly on sensitive tummies!
(Comes in natural and vanilla flavour)

Chocolate lovers you’re in luck! A healthy way to indulge WITHOUT refined sugars, gluten, dairy, preservatives, etc. This powder is a creamy + delicious European style drinking chocolate made from mineral-rich cocoa, lucuma, carob, cinnamon and wild crafted vanilla bean that can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Not only does The Healthy Chef create incredible products but Teresa creates you nourishing and delicious recipes so you can nail the balance of tasting good but being really good for you!

We have three options in store:
🌼 DIGESTIVE HEALTH – recipes + advice on achieving optimal digestion
🌼 PURELY DELICIOUS – (her favourite and best recipes)
🌼 HEALTHY BAKING – designed for pleasure and health

We can’t wait for you to try this range!

What product excites you the most? 😍